Left of ‘LOL’ington

Posted: June 1, 2012 in Random Daily Musings
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Yes, I realise, as I hammer furiously at my keyboard, that my street credit will zoom down 50 points (not that it was ever up) and that my mental age will hobble up to approximately 90 years old but Im beyond caring. The ‘LOL’ers of ‘LOL’ington have once again set my teeth on edge.

For the love of all things good and holy, what on EARTH has happened to the English language? It would be wonderful if all and sundry spoke the Queens English (Long Live Her Madge) but I realise this is fairly optimistic. Im not expecting the youth of today to begin spouting a spot of Shakespeare to enquire whether their contemporaries ‘would liketh a carriage to the discoteque this eve of summer?’ However, I am one of these old souls who enjoys the sumptuousness of the English language and would appreciate the roundness of words, their fullness and exquisate formations to be used in their entirety.

For those clever people who have managed to avoid this criminal activity, ‘Lol’ is an abbreviation for ‘laugh out loud’ which, in my youth would have simply been referred to as ‘laughing.’ How times have changed. I personally wouldnt describe my mirth at a situation as ‘Loud Smiling’ but I suppose its only a matter of time.

I often wonder which imbecile decided that ‘Lol’ was a good turn of phrase. It also begs the question whether some people burst forth with a ‘Lol’ in spoken word. Whatever happened to a good ‘ha ha’ or an equally apt ‘ho ho?’ This rant is not limited to ‘Lol’ however, it also extends to ‘rofl,’ ‘lmao’ and other equally annoying abbreviations. Who ARE these people? When presented with an amusing situation, do they actually exclaim ‘ oh roff-el’ or ‘oh that was so funny, I lam-ao’d?’ I jolly well hope not.

My only hope is that someone, somewhere is going to halt this madness before it continues and therefore grows. If it were left to me, I’d spend the rest of my days bashing the youth of this generation over the head with the Oxford English Dictionary in the hope of knocking some grammar into them. I shall be handing out extra copies of this great book for boshing purposes should anyone wish to join.


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