Low-Slung Bum Exposers…Some Things Should Not Be Allowed.

Posted: June 7, 2012 in Random Daily Musings
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Now Im all for new fashions and experiementing with different styles but this confuses me no end. These young boys who are desperate to be ‘cool’ and ‘street’ (oh dear god, I am turning into my mother) swagger about with their one-legged limps, wearing the newest trainers, the most expensive baseball caps but with their jeans hanging on for dear life and their buttocks exposed to the nation. Despite the fact that these bottoms are sometimes extremely peachy and therefore temptingly squeezable, one would prefer actual clothing rather than just a thin layer of boxer short between the general public and bums ahoy!

Historically this ‘fashion’ used to symbolise a ‘come on’ between male prisoners, a sort of ‘open for business’ code if you like. I have yet to inform these young chaps of this fact.

The confusion, however, lies within the physics of this situation. How is it actually possible that these garments remain at the precise crease where the buttock becomes thigh? As far as I am aware, trousers were designed to sit above the buttock or at the waist in order that they do not rapidly descend floor-wards thereby exposing ones undergarments. Yet somehow these young men have surpassed the laws of physics and stuck two fingers up at the general trouser design virtually in its entirety. Perhaps these chaps should be rewarded for their ingenuity. Perhaps they should be rewarded with a free pub lunch….provided of course they can run to said pub without falling over. Heh.

  1. I do not know how they do it either. It doesn’t look comfortable to me.

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