The Abs Challenge – Diary of an Over-eater.

Posted: June 25, 2012 in Random Daily Musings
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People often ask, ‘what’s your biggest vice?’ expecting a reply of ‘chocolate’ or ‘cheese’ but the unfortunate answer is quite simply; ‘food.’

I love food, all food, anything and everything I can get my grubby mitts on. I can eat till I can’t move and then promptly eat some more. It’s an addiction, it always has been and I often end up hating myself for it. I eat when I’m unhappy and I’m unhappy when I eat. I’m not partciularly unhealthy during the daytime but after a meal full of steamed, green veggies, Ill then have an entire bar of chocolate followed by a yoghurt, followed by a bag of popcorn, followed by some cheese, followed by a spoonful of jam, followed by whatever else I can find lurking in the cupboard. I simply can’t stop; there’s definately a fat kid inside me desperately trying to get out. I have no idea what it stems from (I’m not aware of any childhood traumas or bad relationships which may have caused this disgusting behaviour) I think it’s just sheer gluttony and the fear that I may never see food again. I’ve been through every fad diet, lost and re-gained weight countless times but never stuck to anything for longer than two weeks. Unfortunately I don’t think I’m alone in this endless cycle of misery so I’m going to do something about it, once and for all.

Believe it or not (and please hold the gasps of horror until the end) I have taken my inspiration from Jodie Marsh (UK Z-list celebrity whose entire claim to fame is falling out of clubs with virtually no clothes on.) Love her or hate her, she has shown real determination, stamina and will-power in her latest quest of becoming a body-builder. Agreed, she has a team of nutritionists and personal trainers to help guide her every step of the way, but she is the one lifting those weights and eating 19 egg whites and copious amounts brown rice every 2 hours. That is not something that can be forced and you must admit, she looks incredible. Now, I’m not aiming for a body-building competition anytime soon but I would like to loose weight, tone up and find those abs which I know are in there somewhere (*prods belly*) so I’ve bitten that damn bullet and joined the gym.

Working with a friend of mine to find some sort of structure to my workouts and planning what (not) to eat, I’m getting there slowly but surely. I have come to the conclusion that if I’m going to continue to enjoy life and therefore eat what I want (within reason) then I must work it off, it’s not rocket science, but in order to keep myself motivated, I’m setting up a diary on my progess. So, here goes;

If anyone has any tips or guidance, please feel free to share with me, I need all the help/motivation/guidance I can get! Please excuse the terrible photographs!


At the start. 1st June 2012


24th June 2012

27th June


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